Generative audiovisual art using a minimal toolset.
Series 2 - Transmission
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Series 3 - Entropy
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Series 4 - Glitchbox
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Series 5 - Advection
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Vol2 Series 0 - Caves
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Vol2 Series 1 - Noumenon
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Sep 2023

May 2023

Sep 2022 - ongoing

Submit blockchain transaction with a message, and watch on the livestream as the message is delivered to me via rotary phone. Messages will be interpreted as prompts to create an art piece, which will be documented and sold to the prompter for the exact cost of labor and materials.

Physical Vinyl Release

Feb 2022

DEAFBEEF: Self titled, limited edition vinyl release. Audio compiled from Series 0 - 5 between March and Sep 2021. All sounds synthesized through generative systems, implemented as C code and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. A decentralized album: Many pieces have been selected and/or curated collaboratively by collectors and fans. A representative set have been carefully sequenced to an album format. 180g black 12" Vinyl Record with white inner sleeve. Signed(autographed) edition sold out. Unsigned addition available, supply cap TBD.

Sketches in Iron

May 2022

Feral File exibhition 'On Screen Presence' curated by Regina Hersanyi

In a choreographed live streamed performance, the artist introduces their own biological, mineral content as catalyst for the work. Live streamed YouTube video performance, iron, custom software .

Dec 2021

An NFT collection of generative art slot machines. Owners compete to be first to win jackpots, granting mint passes for a diminishing supply of additional slot machine NFTs with increasingly rare attributes. More detail

"First" NFTs
Sep 2021

FIRST is a collection of satirical generative texts. It both ridicules and fondly commemorates many aspects of NFT crypto culture circa September, 2021. Read more here

FIRST is available for purchase on OpenSea secondary market.

All primary sales and royalties on secondary sales are donated to GiveDirectly.org charity, over $1,400,000 USD to date.

The first vegan conceptual art NFT to be featured on the shopping network.

Articles, Interviews, Podcasts

By Kevin Buist, published in Outland.art August 22, 2023
Running Out the Clock
Conversation with Tyler Hobbs, moderated by Elisabeth Sweet and Alex Estorick July 2023
When Tyler Hobbs met 0xDEAFBEEF
Interview with curator Lady Cactoid for LACMA's blockchain initiative May 2023
Remembrance of Things Future: A Conversation with 0xDEAFBEEF, Artist Experimenting on the Blockchain
In conversation with artist LIA, Outland.art Nov 2021
Modern Finance Podcast with Kevin Rose Aug 09, 2021
DEAFBEEF and the Craft of Generative Art
Interview with curator and JPG co-founder Sam Spike Jul 15, 2021
Fundamental Knowledge: An Interview with 0xDEAFBEEF
Digitally Rare podcast with Jonathan Mann and Matt Condon Jun 14, 2021
Thinking Outside the Glitchbox: 0xDEAFBEEF's On-Chain Generative Art
Interview with FingerprintsDAO Jun 9, 2021
“Constraints Lead to Creativity”: an interview with DEAFBEEF

Short "Film"

Exhibited in Mar 2021 at High Zero Foundation's experimental culture series "The Red Room"