Series 3 - Entropy

Through the use of programmable on-chain media, this series explores themes of permanence, ownership and generation loss, by artificially imposing a programmed process of repeated degradation occurring when the token is transferred to another owner.

Tokens in different states of degradation can be seen here on Rinkeby test net.

The process is artificial, in that no information is actually lost. The code model itself is stored publicly and immutably on a decentralized network, and the output media can be reconstructed in any state by changing the input parameter that influences the degradation. Not even the owner has the ability to destroy, as the programmable source of information is immutable.

The process is technically implemented by incrementing a counter variable in contract storage when ERC721 interface function 'transferFrom' is called. The counter serves as input to this code model, influencing processes that repeatedly filter, distort and add noise to the audiovisual output.

While it is the artist's instruction that the counter variable serve as input, that instruction may be ignored, just as one may right-click and save.

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