Series 4 - Glitchbox

User programmable generative glitch music box.

Through programmable media, this series invites users to participate in the exploration and curation of a generative audiovisual model. Rather than enforcing artificial scarcity through a single fixed hash, owners/editors may instead continuously explore and selectively choose from a large set of possible outputs.

After minting, owners(and those granted editing access by the owner) may tweak parameters that influence the output of the model, and store those parameters on chain. Parameters are analogous to the knobs and switches of a modular synthesizer. Owners/editors may 'play' this instrument, selecting settings that please them.

A record of the parameters chosen, and who made them, will be recorded immutably on-chain.

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Token Id: 151
Owner: 0x716eb921
Token Id: 152
Owner: 0xb79cd766
Token Id: 153
Owner: 0xb79cd766
Token Id: 154
Owner: 0xb79cd766
Token Id: 155
Owner: 0xcaF6Fd54
Token Id: 156
Owner: 0xbC49de68
Token Id: 157
Owner: 0xbC49de68
Token Id: 158
Owner: 0xbC49de68
Token Id: 159
Owner: 0x2e675Eea
Token Id: 160
Owner: 0xFB6223EA
Token Id: 161
Owner: 0x0F0eAE91
Token Id: 162
Owner: 0xacaE21aB
Token Id: 163
Owner: 0x8225acD1
Token Id: 164
Owner: 0xcc46eFE3
Token Id: 165
Owner: 0x0F0eAE91
Token Id: 166
Owner: 0x1871D1E5
Token Id: 167
Owner: 0x91E371C3
Token Id: 168
Owner: 0xE301612b
Token Id: 169
Owner: 0x47D4f20A
Token Id: 170
Owner: 0x45e4Ec72
Token Id: 171
Owner: 0x55FaF0e5
Token Id: 172
Owner: 0x9df947CD
Token Id: 173
Owner: 0xD6dd6961
Token Id: 174
Owner: 0x88341d1a
Token Id: 175
Owner: 0xe2863031
Token Id: 176
Owner: 0x8225acD1
Token Id: 177
Owner: 0xB88F61E6
Token Id: 178
Owner: 0xa23DeAF7
Token Id: 179
Owner: 0x765c0E04
Token Id: 180
Owner: 0xD28bfaEa
Token Id: 181
Owner: 0x6B67623f
Token Id: 182
Owner: 0x34a32Ad4