Series 4 - Glitchbox

User programmable generative glitch music box.

Through programmable media, this series invites users to participate in the exploration and curation of a generative audiovisual model. Rather than enforcing artificial scarcity through a single fixed hash, owners/editors may instead continuously explore and selectively choose from a large set of possible outputs.

After minting, owners(and those granted editing access by the owner) may tweak parameters that influence the output of the model, and store those parameters on chain. Parameters are analogous to the knobs and switches of a modular synthesizer. Owners/editors may 'play' this instrument, selecting settings that please them.

A record of the parameters chosen, and who made them, will be recorded immutably on-chain.

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Token Id: 183
Owner: 0xe88EFfd6
Token Id: 184
Owner: 0x0dc350B7
Token Id: 185
Owner: 0xbC49de68
Token Id: 186
Owner: 0xf4809359
Token Id: 187
Owner: 0xbC49de68
Token Id: 188
Owner: 0xDf5B0E38
Token Id: 189
Owner: 0xf2a9b2f8
Token Id: 190
Owner: 0x8D435D7b
Token Id: 191
Owner: 0xcaF6Fd54
Token Id: 192
Owner: 0x27d721B7
Token Id: 193
Owner: 0xb2E5751F
Token Id: 194
Owner: 0x98727b47
Token Id: 195
Owner: 0xAF9A1e6a
Token Id: 196
Owner: 0xbC49de68
Token Id: 197
Owner: 0x7ccd2EE7
Token Id: 198
Owner: 0x1C2530C6
Token Id: 199
Owner: 0xbC49de68
Token Id: 200
Owner: 0xAF9A1e6a
Token Id: 201
Owner: 0x68f4B110
Token Id: 202
Owner: 0x262E3103
Token Id: 203
Owner: 0x398a20F8
Token Id: 204
Owner: 0xAF9A1e6a
Token Id: 205
Owner: 0x87bF447a
Token Id: 206
Owner: 0xAF9A1e6a
Token Id: 207
Owner: 0x59a54935
Token Id: 208
Owner: 0x6c3E0073
Token Id: 209
Owner: 0x738AAEd7
Token Id: 210
Owner: 0x7ccd2EE7
Token Id: 211
Owner: 0x94de7E2c
Token Id: 212
Owner: 0x96E11999
Token Id: 213
Owner: 0x262E3103
Token Id: 214
Owner: 0x9FeCf056