Series 0 - Synth Poems

Synth Poems are short generative music pieces, inspired by the sound of analog synthesizers. They are stored on-chain.

Each piece is generated at the time of minting from a random hash value, influencing musical elements including tempo, timbre, pitch and time signature. Simples rules lead to surprising variation, giving each piece it's own distinctive personality, while retaining a common theme.

Although synth poems are audio focused, a fitting visualization is added as an ode to early computer graphics that used vector displays to visualize analog signals. What you see is a direct representation of the sound signal, as it would appear on an oscilloscope.

The code that generates the audiovisual is stored completely on-chain, allowing a user to reconstruct the media without having to trust IPFS or external storage. Read more about how Synth Poems were created.

128/128 have been minted.
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Token Id: 8
Owner: 0xbC49de68
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Owner: 0xb79cd766
Token Id: 16
Owner: 0xbC49de68
Token Id: 22
Owner: 0xff1DD6e2
Token Id: 38
Owner: 0x8E764491
Token Id: 39
Owner: 0x0dc350B7
Token Id: 42
Owner: 0x96E11999
Token Id: 49
Owner: 0x45e4Ec72
Token Id: 54
Owner: 0x6A693A68
Token Id: 56
Owner: 0x2D0084B3
Token Id: 58
Owner: 0x2D0084B3
Token Id: 72
Owner: 0x9fbB12Ea
Token Id: 78
Owner: 0x403BBdec
Token Id: 80
Owner: 0x8225acD1
Token Id: 93
Owner: 0x361A840c
Token Id: 105
Owner: 0x0dc350B7
Token Id: 116
Owner: 0x7ccd2EE7
Token Id: 123
Owner: 0x87bF447a