HASHMARKS Forge Scale Prints Limited edition of 100 prints max. Using forge scale as pigment and gum bichromate photographic print process. Image size 18" square on 22" square paper, in 23" square mat window. Signed and numbered.

$500USD + shipping. Shipping cost $75 in north america or $150 overseas. More Photos.

Approx 10 of the prints will be made with the original forge scale that was residue from the actual HASHMARKS forging process. Remaining prints will be made with other forge scale. (same chemical composition, differing only in in aura/anima)

Original forge scale prints will be decided by provably random on-chain raffle (smart contract will be published). Each owned hashmark will automatically count as one raffle ticket.

To enter the raffle, complete by June 21st:

  • Log in via signature
  • Fill out and submit the order form.
  • Send payment USDC or ETH equivalent to deafbeef.eth 0x7ccd2EE72a75F7e4776f598c1Be11A119fD8d191
Limit one win per person i.e. having multiple hashmarks increases chance of winning, but you cannot win twice. Winners will be marked here and announced in Discord. If you require delegate address for vault that holds hashmarks please request in Discord.