Chronophotograph is the companion collection to Vol. 2, Series 1 - Noumenon. This work is made in support of The Los Angeles County Museum of Art's Art and Technology Lab, in collaboration with Cactoid Labs, presented in dialogue with the chronophotopgraphic work of Eadweard Muybridge in the LACMA archives.

On a time locked schedule, a blockchain transaction can be triggered to metaphorically "capture" an observation of a Noumenon, minting a new ERC721 token in this companion series. The blocknumber serves as the seed for a deterministic program to generate an image in the style of Muybridge's chronophotographs, representing the attempt to transcend sensory limitations through the use of technology.

Viewers are encouraged to reflect on the perception of time, consensus reality, photography and blockchain as sources of objective truth, limitations thereof. Read More

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Token Id: 151
Blocknumber: 17180057
Parent: 8 Epoch: 9
Token Id: 81
Blocknumber: 17176585
Parent: 18 Epoch: 5
Token Id: 113
Blocknumber: 17177502
Parent: 11 Epoch: 6
Token Id: 105
Blocknumber: 17177238
Parent: 17 Epoch: 6
Token Id: 71
Blocknumber: 17174357
Parent: 20 Epoch: 4
Token Id: 48
Blocknumber: 17173655
Parent: 12 Epoch: 2
Token Id: 29
Blocknumber: 17169672
Parent: 14 Epoch: 1
Token Id: 104
Blocknumber: 17177236
Parent: 16 Epoch: 6

Capture Chronophotograph

Holders of the Noumenon tokens, or an address they delegate may "capture" (metaphorically) an observation and mint a new Chronophotograph token to the Noumenon owner's address. Time locks double between each observation. More Info